Do you have a heart for serving others and connecting with people? Welcome Team Volunteers serve in a variety of ways to make Sunday mornings a great experience for everyone who comes to Home Church. We have positions available in areas such as greeters, guest services, ushers, and coffee/hospitality service.


We have many volunteer opportunities for serving our children and their families within our kid’s ministry program! You can serve on the check in team or nursery, lead small groups, be a buddy to kids with special needs, or help prep materials behind the scenes! There is ALWAYS a need for more Home Kids volunteers!


The role of the worship team is to lead the church community in worship through music and the singing of songs. We look for volunteers to fill roles such as male and female vocalists, guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, violin, etc.


Small group leaders and hosts are key players in our student ministry. Small group leaders show up for students predictably and randomly. They create a safe place for students to ask questions and grow in their faith. Hosts help facilitate the atmosphere at The Warehouse by welcoming students, setting up games, cleaning up and overall, being present. They are the host to the student ministry party just like they would be in their own home!


CREWs are a way to connect with other people and to grow together as disciples of Jesus. We are looking for group leaders who are willing and able to further God's kingdom and lead people well!


One of the most important roles of the church is to reflect God's beauty. We believe this can be done creatively through technology! If you're interested in any of the following areas, we would love for you to join our team! -- Merch, Social Media, and Photography.


There are many places you can plug in as far as community and world outreach! We offer opportunities such as R.O.C.K., Mission Trips, and Half Hour Heroes.